WTB Remington 870 Barrel 18" - 28"

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WTB Remington 870 Barrel 18" - 28"

Postby 2k05gt » Fri, 16 Aug 2013 23:02:00

Looking to replace the barrel on my wingmaster 870
I prefer a 18" non ribbed barrel but will consider any length coating or condition.
I plan on re-bluing if the barrel is not blued.
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Re: WTB Remington 870 Barrel 18" - 28"

Postby BadgerJack » Tue, 28 Jan 2014 15:53:03

Dawson's in Wodbridge [703-490-3308, tell them that Jack told you about them- won't be back in before Thursday though.] has one, NIB, {old stock} as of 2014-01-27, sitting right beside a mag tube extension w/spring, also NIB, {also old stock}.
Don't remember prices, but they are 2~3 year old pricing.
Boxes were hidden behind guns, and brought out a day or two back, so first come, first served...
Badger Jack
Good luck, and God Speed.

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