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VA Laws...Can I really own a handgun under the age of 21?

The Code of Virginia is not preemptible by local statute

Re: VA Laws...Can I really own a handgun under the age of 21?

Postby 007Fitz » Sun, 14 Nov 2010 21:00:50

t33j wrote:I owned as many as 5 handguns when I was under 21 and open carried everywhere I went that was not a prohibited place (very few in Va). The private sales (buys) I engaged in went very smoothly; don't present yourself as a thug.

Glock is a reasonable choice for around $400. Khar and KelTec are others. I hate Glocks, but I have no problem suggesting them...

People who are new to carrying seem to get stuck on the safety/no safety issue. This stuff has been thought about before! Double action triggers, firing pin blocks, and the like exist for a reason. I only use the safeties on my 1911s and when carrying my USP in condition one.

Ha, I am far from a thug, I can assure you that. And I know that it is safe to carry with out a manual safety, its just the thought of it because I am new, like I said I won't choose a firearm over another because of that reason. I would rather get the better of the two whatever it may be and then just get used to the idea, which I am sure wouldn't be too difficult. Thanks for the input!

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