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Code of Virginia - Firearms Laws

The Code of Virginia is not preemptible by local statute

Code of Virginia - Firearms Laws

Postby allingeneral » Sun, 01 Mar 2009 21:51:42

Virginia Gun Laws - Firearms Laws
Virginia Code 18.2-279 through 18.2-312

These links point to the actual Virginia Code at the state.va.us website and can be considered current.

18.2-279 - Discharging firearms or missiles within or at building or dwelling house; penalty
18.2-280 - Willfully discharging firearms in public places
18.2-281 - Setting spring gun or other deadly weapon
18.2-282 - Pointing, holding, or brandishing firearm, air or gas operated weapon or object similar in appearan...
18.2-282.1 - Brandishing a machete or other bladed weapon with intent to intimidate; penalty.
18.2-283 - Carrying dangerous weapon to place of religious worship
18.2-283.1 - Carrying weapon into courthouse
18.2-284 - Selling or giving toy firearms
18.2-285 - Hunting with firearms while under influence of intoxicant or narcotic drug; penalty
18.2-286 - Shooting in or across road or in street
18.2-286.1 - Shooting from vehicles so as to endanger persons; penalty
18.2-287 - Description unavailable
18.2-287.01 - Carrying weapon in air carrier airport terminal
18.2-287.1 - Description unavailable
18.2-287.2 - Wearing of body armor while committing a crime; penalty
18.2-287.3 - Description unavailable
18.2-287.4 - Carrying loaded firearms in public areas prohibited; penalty
18.2-288 - Definitions
18.2-289 - Use of machine gun for crime of violence
18.2-290 - Use of machine gun for aggressive purpose
18.2-291 - What constitutes aggressive purpose
18.2-292 - Presence prima facie evidence of use
18.2-293 - What article does not apply to
18.2-293.1 - What article does not prohibit
18.2-294 - Manufacturer's and dealer's register; inspection of stock
18.2-295 - Registration of machine guns
18.2-296 - Search warrants for machine guns
18.2-297 - How article construed
18.2-298 - Short title of article
18.2-299 - Definitions
18.2-300 - Possession or use of "sawed-off" shotgun or rifle
18.2-301 - , 18.2-302
18.2-303 - What article does not apply to
18.2-303.1 - What article does not prohibit
18.2-304 - Manufacturer's and dealer's register; inspection of stock
18.2-305 - Description unavailable
18.2-306 - Search warrants for "sawed-off" shotguns and rifles; confiscation and destruction
18.2-307 - Short title of article
18.2-308 - Personal protection; carrying concealed weapons; when lawful to carry

Concealed Handgun Permits (CHP)
18.2-308.01 - Carrying a concealed handgun with a permit.
18.2-308.02 - Application for a concealed handgun permit; Virginia resident or domiciliary.
18.2-308.03 - Fees for concealed handgun permits.
18.2-308.04 - Processing of the application and issuance of a concealed handgun permit.
18.2-308.05 - Issuance of a de facto permit.
18.2-308.06 - Nonresident concealed handgun permits.
18.2-308.07 - Entry of information into the Virginia Criminal Information Network.
18.2-308.08 - Denial of a concealed handgun permit; appeal.
18.2-308.09 - Disqualifications for a concealed handgun permit.
18.2-308.010 - Renewal of concealed handgun permit.
18.2-308.011 - Replacement permits.
18.2-308.012 - Prohibited conduct.
18.2-308.013 - Suspension or revocation of permit.
18.2-308.014 - Reciprocity.
18.2-308.015 - Inclusion of Supreme Court website on application.

18.2-308.1 - Possession of firearm, stun weapon, or other weapon on school property prohibited
18.2-308.1:1 - Possession or transportation of firearms by persons acquitted by reason of insanity; penalty; permi...
18.2-308.1:2 - Purchase, possession or transportation of firearm by persons adjudicated legally incompetent or men...
18.2-308.1:3 - Purchase, possession or transportation of firearm by persons involuntarily admitted or ordered to o...
18.2-308.1:4 - Purchase or transportation of firearm by persons subject to protective orders; penalty
18.2-308.1:5 - Purchase or transportation of firearm by personsconvicted of certain drug offenses prohibite...
18.2-308.2 - Possession or transportation of firearms, stun weapons, explosives or concealed weapons by convicte...
18.2-308.2:01 - Possession or transportation of certain firearms by certain persons
18.2-308.2:1 - Prohibiting the selling, etc., of firearms to certain persons
18.2-308.2:2 - Criminal history record information check required for the transfer of certain firearms
18.2-308.2:3 - Criminal background check required for employees of a gun dealer to transfer firearms; exemptions; ...
18.2-308.3 - Use or attempted use of restricted ammunition in commission or attempted commission of crimes prohi...
18.2-308.4 - Possession of firearms while in possession of certain controlled substances
18.2-308.5 - Manufacture, import, sale, transfer or possession of plastic firearm prohibited
18.2-308.6 - Possession of unregistered firearm mufflers or silencers prohibited; penalty
18.2-308.7 - Possession or transportation of certain firearms by persons under the age of 18; penalty
18.2-308.8 - Importation, sale, possession or transfer of Striker12's prohibited; penalty
18.2-309 - Furnishing certain weapons to minors; penalty
18.2-310 - Description unavailable
18.2-311 - Prohibiting the selling or having in possession blackjacks, etc
18.2-311.1 - Removing, altering, etc., serial number or other identification on firearm
18.2-311.2 - Third conviction of firearm offenses; penalty
18.2-312 - Illegal use of tear gas, phosgene and other gases
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Reason: Updated to include the new section for CHP laws (18.2-308.01 through 18.2-308.015)

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