Sloppy Seconds

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Sloppy Seconds

Postby skylighter » Sun, 25 Sep 2011 20:48:16

Our trap shooting group has designed a new Fun Fire game called "Sloppy Seconds".

Played on a trap field, the game lasts 10 rounds, with players taking turns going first.

It is played with two shooters. In each round, Shooter A calls Pull, then fires at the clay. If Shooter A misses, or hits the clay and leaves a large chunk, then Shooter B can also fire at the clay.

Shooter A gets 1 point for a hit
Shooter B gets 2 points for hitting a missed clay or large chunk of a hit clay.

If Shooter B "Prematurely Fires" by shooting first, then he gets no points and Shooter A gets 2 points if he hits the missed clay or large chunk of a hit clay.

Assuming no Premature Fires, total possible points is 15.

While this game sounds a bit silly, there is a lot of strategy involved. Shooter A needs to either smoke the clay early or wait until the very last second to shoot at it.

Our group considered a Large Chunk anything bigger than 1/4th of the clay. While this seems subjective, we didn't disagree on any of the hits after playing this for a full day.


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Re: Sloppy Seconds

Postby allingeneral » Sun, 25 Sep 2011 21:09:43

Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing, Danny!

Loser buys beer! :enlighten:
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Re: Sloppy Seconds

Postby SPIKEH26 » Wed, 16 May 2012 16:34:35

:enlighten: SOUNDS FUN TO ME


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