CVA Optima Elite Stalker .270

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CVA Optima Elite Stalker .270

Postby AJ86 » Mon, 09 Jan 2012 20:29:26

So, I recently purchased at Dick's Sporting Goods a CVA Optima Elite "Stalker" centerfire rifle for $139.00. It is a single shot break action .270, Heavy Stainless Barrel with a black stock, with a 4-12x40 Bushnell Trophy XLT DOA600 scope that I just installed. I looked up the Bergara barrel company which is where the barrel is from and they listed that specific barrel at $199. So, I figured...$139 for the whole gun? Why not?

Now, searching on the CVA website, I see no mention what so ever of a Stalker centerfire rifle. I Googled the firearm and came across a couple people saying that the gun was made for Dicks Sporting Goods specifically. Then I read that CVA had a huge overstock of spare parts and matched up what they could and made the Stalker...kind of like a "well we might as well" type of deal.

I Love single shots, mostly because they tend to be a bit more accurate but I haven't shot this one yet. I saw that they have a promise of a 1" grouping or you can send the gun back...they seem pretty confident. I like that.

Does anyone know the real story behind this gun?

When I sight the Stalker in this weekend, i'll update you all with performance quality of this thing.

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Re: CVA Optima Elite Stalker .270

Postby vabearhtr67 » Sun, 25 Mar 2012 00:32:41

I bought my CVA Optima Elite Special in 45-70 a couple of years ago at Gander Mountain. Mine is very accurate, shooting under 1" groups at 100 yards. They are a great deal, I paid $239 for mine it has a camo stock and forend and stainless receiver and barrel. I also have a another optima elite with interchangable barrels in .270 and 50 cal. The .270 shoots under 1" groups also. The only downfall is the Staker and Special versions you can't change barrels but if you like single shot rifles, I think you will love it.

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