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Sterling Arsenal New Production Line-Up for 2014

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Sterling Arsenal manufactures three production firearm lines: SAR-XV Gladius; SAR-PREPR; and SAR-XII Praetorian.


SAR-XV Gladius v4 operator - competitor grade line of custom rifles available in 5.56MM, 6.8SPC, 300 Blackout, 458 SOCOM, and 9MM; SBR and SPR barrel length; gas port positions and types include carbine, mid-length, rifle, direct / adjustable impingement and piston. SAR-XV v4 Specs

SAR-XII Praetorian Short Barrel Shotgun (SBS) built on the Remington 870 action and barrel; cut-back, tuned, and re-finished by our custom shop for smooth operation and reliability. SAR-XII Specs

SAR-PREPR (Practical Ready Everyday Patrol Rifle) built to government M4 carbine specifications and affordability priced. SAR-PREPR Specs

More info, questions... please call, email,or visit the shop: | | 571.926.8705

Thank you.
Sterling Arsenal Works & Tactical Supply, LLC
Precision & purpose built firearms for tactical, competition, & defense.
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Re: Sterling Arsenal New Production Line-Up for 2014

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I'm loving the pre-Easter gun pr0n :clap:
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