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HK Tri-lug blast shield

Postby 95taco » Tue, 25 Jul 2017 11:45:03

Hey all, I figured I should post this in the Class 3 sub-forum as it basically only applies to us running SBR's and longer hand guards.

If anyone is interested in a blast shield that attaches to the HK 9mm tri-lug please send an email to Simplistic Shooting Solutions. I have already contacted them and am awaiting a response but more people with an interest couldn't hurt.
I'm sure 99% of you guys interested in one already know the use but I'll explain it for those of you who don't.

A lot of us who have short 9mm Carbines that are suppressed run a QD setup, one of the oldest and most common QD systems is the 9mm HK tri-lug.
We also tend to run hand guards that are longer than the barrel meaning that if we want to run our carbine unsuppressed we either risk damaging our handguard and accessories mounted to it, or we have to remove our tri-lug mount and install some other muzzle device.
If we had a tri-lug blast shield we could easily and quickly switch between suppressed and unsuppressed use.

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