Whining snowflake and a great side story.

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Whining snowflake and a great side story.

Postby AlanM » Wed, 09 Aug 2017 06:02:29

I found about this article on one of the Utah gun forums (that's another story).
The thread there is discussing the comments accompanying the story that are totally pwning the author of the article.


First, my take on this article. The author, a woman (not that it matters), sees a man open carrying at an open air Shakespeare performance in Wyoming and goes on a rant about how it ruined her evening.
What strikes me as "snowflake" logic is this paragraph and that she then goes on with her rant.

This was the first time I’d been confronted with the reality of Wyoming’s open carry gun laws. The man was totally within his rights to carry and display his gun. It did not matter if people sitting near him felt uncomfortable or threatened. His right to carry outweighs my wish to not encounter firearms in crowded public venues.


AS I stated, the comments following the story rake the author over the coals, but as comments often do, one got slightly sidetracked.

One comment is an entire story in itself. And caused me to break up laughing.

Someone had commented something like: "What happens when you see an LEO with a gun? Do you stare at them?"
Here's the answer:
Chris Dooley · Texas A&M
"Do you stare at their sidearm"
I did, once.

Then I tapped the officer on the shoulder

Then I told him, as politely and discreetly as I could, that he had no magazine in his weapon.

I check my duty sidearm several times a day ever since.
Reply · Aug 4, 2017 6:20pm

I will admit, after reading the entire article that the author does rationally inform people of the change in the Wyoming atmosphere regarding open carry.
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Re: Whining snowflake and a great side story.

Postby WRW » Wed, 09 Aug 2017 10:03:41

That was a good comment. The one that caught my eye explained that open carry had been legal since territorial days and the change in the law was to allow permitless concealed carry. That leads me to believe that the author is an ignorant transplant that couldn't get her facts straight even after speaking with the police chief.

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Re: Whining snowflake and a great side story.

Postby Reverenddel » Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:38:45

I hate Carpetbaggers. Whether they move here, or to Utah, or anywhere free people associate.

And a Carpetbagger is not a Come-Here.... two TOTALLY different things!

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