Peaceful Progressive Strikes Again

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Peaceful Progressive Strikes Again

Postby SHMIV » Wed, 09 Aug 2017 21:11:59

Actually, his neighbors claim to be frightened of him, and describe an angry, confrontational man with many cars and Anti-Trump signs in his yard.

He snapped, and shot his neighbor in the head, then approached the neighbor, stood over him, and shot him in the head, again. Apparently, the wife of the victim witnessed the second shot. ... n/2286340/

Has someone started a database of "peaceful" liberals doing violent things, yet?

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Re: Peaceful Progressive Strikes Again

Postby M1A4ME » Thu, 10 Aug 2017 06:43:59

I made this up years ago. Even if this was not a "mass" shooting, it still may apply.


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