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Oppose a Bill - Time to Write Congress

Postby MarcSpaz » Wed, 11 Oct 2017 19:16:57

I m asking everyone to contact their Congressmen and request that they oppose any new legislation directly related to any new firearms laws, particularly relating to "simulated automatic" fire.


What I sent...

<insert congressman's name here>
I am writing you today to passionately request that you vote against any Bill resembling "H.R. 3947: Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act", either originating in the Senate or House of Representatives.

It is very easy to "bump fire" any semi-automatic rifle or semi-automatic pistol without the use of any modifications whatsoever. In my experience all people new to firearms do it at least a few times by mistake as they learn, due to not holding the rifle or pistol firmly. The natural recoil effect of the firearm and simply holding a stiff elbow and trigger finger do the exact same thing as using a bump stock. Bump fire stocks and other items like it are a novelty that takes advantage of a naturally occurring byproduct of firing any semi-automatic firearm. For decades, before bump stocks were invented, people would use the aforementioned method. Some would use their belt loop or shirt collar to help improve the effect.

H.R. 3947 and Bills like it are a knee jerk feel-good reaction that will not stop a single criminal. Making the devices illegal wont stop or take away the ability to rapidly fire a semi-automatic weapon. This Bill and others like it will do nothing but infringe on the Rights of law abiding citizens with regard to ownership of arms and personal property rights.

What's worse is, we are not addressing the root of the problem. Its not access to weapons... its crime. Prohibition doesn't work. The Las Vegas shooter broke several laws... criminal trespassing with a firearm, vandalism, disabling a fire suppression system in a public building, attempt to commit premeditated murder, premeditated murder, and the list goes on... adding another law for criminals to ignore is a failure which protects no one.

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