Where did you carry today? V1.0

Open Carry and Concealed Carry. Where did you carry today?

Re: Where did you carry today? V1.0

Postby Jamie » Sat, 26 May 2012 00:26:59

Had a good experience tonight. Carried my SR9 while the wife was getting an MRI, and one of the office workers -- a black guy of around 30 y.o. -- noticed and asked "What are you rocking there?" Turned out he carried a Taurus Millenium in .40 (but not at the office) but was a fan of Ruger's .45 that a friend of his had purchased. Good conversation in the middle of the waiting room and no one freaked out.

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Re: Where did you carry today? V1.0

Postby VBshooter » Sun, 27 May 2012 16:02:01

WalMart, Laundromat and Rite Aid in Sulphur ,LA... Working a Nuke fabrication job and LA honors our permits here.........No open carriers seen yet although it is a traditional OC state, Being an put of towner I am palying it cool, No sense upsetting the local constabulary with my brash out of state ways
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Re: Where did you carry today? V1.0

Postby DrowningInk » Mon, 28 May 2012 09:57:19

I carry my Poly Defender Judge everyday pretty much anywhere, walmart, resturants, gas stations etc. no holster yet just drop it in my pocket it and never had any problems.
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Re: Where did you carry today? V1.0

Postby pfries » Tue, 07 Aug 2012 22:47:43

Sunday went out to Wytheville met with family to pick up my daughter at the McDonalds at I-81 Exit 80 Fort Chiswell went in and had a bite no issues. Stopped at Huddle House on the North side of Abingdon as my daughter decided she was hungry. Great conversation with staff and patrons alike, my daughter has decided she has a new favorite place to eat

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Re: Where did you carry today? V1.0

Postby ZachRU » Thu, 09 Aug 2012 02:15:23

I open carry a Glock 30 in a serpa paddle holster. It's a .45 and holds 10+1 or 13+1 when I feel like using an extended mag. Today I went to chipotle in fairfax and then walked around Fair Oaks Mall for about an hour. Besides the normal stares, a Macy's employee asked "If I was a cop or something". I told him nope I just carry because cops can't be everywhere and it has to be showing since I'm not old enough to get a CHP. Then we had a conversation about how he went shooting for the first time a few weeks ago and how he liked it. It was a pretty cool/positive encounter. In fact everything I've carried in Macy's at Fair Oaks I've had good talks with employees about carrying.

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Re: Where did you carry today? V1.0

Postby rlbellco72 » Mon, 27 Aug 2012 05:59:49

Carried Sunday. Went to Bass Pro Shops, but didn't carry into the store. I got the impression from either this forum or another forum that they were not real keen on customers carrying inside the store. I did see one person open carrying in the store, so I asked CS and found out that they do allow it. So the next time I go I will certainly carry inside. :clap:
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