Concealed carry at its finest

Open Carry and Concealed Carry. Where did you carry today?

Concealed carry at its finest

Postby wittmeba » Mon, 08 Sep 2014 15:22:40

You may have seen this but its worth a laugh and refresher...

It is still a scary thought as to how close we came
to having Hillary Clinton as president of the USA.

A Concealed Weapon Permit is nothing more than a permit to allow a LAC to wear a jacket.

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Re: Concealed carry at its finest

Postby screwedbygoogle » Sat, 25 Jul 2015 17:28:40

The nurse weighed my uncle then said, "Mr L you are an awfully small fellow to be 15 pounds overweight. I must have made a mistake. Can I get you to jump back on the scales for me?
He took off his jacket which contained 2 or 3 handguns and some spare ammo. He paused before removing a few more guns from various pockets in his bibbed overhauls and lined them up on the table.
The nurse took it all in stride, studied the readout for moment then said, " It are actually underweight for your height and age. Hmmmmmmmmmmm."

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